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[05 Nov 2003|06:23am]

[ mood | anxious ]


The Alternative Arts Association, founded by Molly Simpson (a friend of mine) has recently created another link –the Creativity for a Cause group. Basically, what we are about is working towards raising money to help people via the incredible surge of Art. All kinds of art. Visual art, poetry, fiction, theater, comedy, music, jewelry making...any form that you could possibly think of. Last year, before the AartA:CC became official, Molly held an Open Mic Night that catered to over 300 people, and was able to make $1,150. She had recruited over 30 visual artists from all over the country, received major newspaper coverage, and was able to give every person who performed/displayed their artwork some publicity. Some visual artists were able to sell their work, and because MICA sent a scout down to check out the mad-art action, three or four artists were recruited for this year.
I figure since you are all artists of some sort, i would extend this invitation. We are holding another Open Mic Night next month. We are putting tons of energy and time towards making this Open Mic bigger and better than last years. That means at least twice the number of performers, and at least twice the number of visual artists. there will be no admissions charge, just donation bins to collect donations that will go towards the ABC foundation (Association to Benefit Children). It will be a night of any type of art imaginable. Actors, poets, musicians (including some big label artists...TBA) dancers, comedians and visual artists are coming in from ALL OVER. So far we have artists off all ages driving/training in from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Harrisburg, Erie, Indiana (state), etc.
We are asking all of you to try your hardest to participate in this event. I cannot stress it to you enough how extremely diverse and incredible this night will be. An absolute explosion of artistic energy, laid back and relaxed. Just a ton of people having an awesome time. We need all kinds of performers, and we need VISUAL ARTISTS. If you are interested in PERFORMING, there is no need to contact us ahead of time, that is unless you need directions. After all the mic is OPEN, so just show up with what you have prepared, and amaze us! However, if you are a VISUAL ARTIST interested in displaying your work, you need to contact me ASAP!!! Display space is free but somewhat limited, so get moving! We really want as many of you as possible.
Artists of ALL kinds are welcome from any area. We want this to be HUGE
Remember this is great chance to sell art and get your name out there. As a bonus: Scouts from MICA, TYLER school of art, Art Ins. of Pitt and UARTS will most likely be coming to check you guys out. This is going to be a professional event, but the atmosphere will be somewhat laid back. The Coffeehouse where this thing takes place is pretty awesome...very Hemmingway, which is cool.
We generally close these kinds of things with a final, headlining act. Right now, that spot is teetering between The Show Is The Rainbow, indie-rock band from Omaha, Nebraska, or John Sampson from the Weakerthans. We'll keep you posted.
People are traveling from everywhere to check this out. You should do the same.
Please help us use art to raise money to help underprivledged children. They need help, and we're able to give it to them!

here's the information:
December 6th, 2003 (Saturday) 5pm - Midnight
@ The Common Place Coffeehouse - Indiana, PA
There are Best Western, Comfort Inn, and Holiday Inn motels right here in town, not to mention we are only one hour away from Pittsburgh.

My name is Kate.
you can IM or email me for any questions. directions or ANYTHING.

Kate Bish
email: kate8812@hotmail.com
aolIM: kateb8

If you need to get in contact with Molly, email her at secondstory@dontmesswithtexas.com

ALSO, please check out our website for extra information:

hope to hear from tons of you!

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[23 Jan 2002|01:25pm]

i'm getting sick of being the model of my damn photos
running back and forth is turning into a pain
i've really been considering photography as a career
i wanna be one of those photographers at fashion shoots
here is my attempt...

if you must...Collapse )
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Happy snappy Xmas [25 Dec 2001|12:13pm]

Merry Christmas to all my friends and readers of my LJ.

Sorry 'bout that... [12 Sep 2001|07:06am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Oh, damnit; envy.nu doesn't allow off-site linking. Well fuck! lol. Oh well. Full sized pics are here.

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Well... [12 Sep 2001|07:02am]

[ mood | ugh... I don't know anymore ]

Despite the tragedy and grieving that's occuring, I for one am attempting to move on with my life, since I'm of no significant standing to do anything... which includes normal LJ posts. So, I decided to post here finally. Here are a few pictures I got developed of myself yesterday, that I'm quite fond of.

Last one's my fave. :)

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It sure is quiet here! [03 Sep 2001|10:10am]

[ mood | happy ]

Do I get to post the second item? Woohoo!

This Land ahoy! was taken yesterday on the ferry on the way back from watching the air show from Toronto City (Island) Airport.
There are more digital photos in that Webshots album; the 35mm photos are waiting to be processed.

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Hello [22 Aug 2001|11:29am]

I must admit that I don't know much about admin. communities, so please have patience with me. And off course if anyone would like to take over, when I start fucking up, let me know?

Otherwise I hope someone joins, and that everyone has fun.

Take Care
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